Face Powder: Application and Selection

Face powders are very essential thing in your make up routine. They can be obtained in compact or loose form. You have set your foundation with loose powder, which will keep your foundation in place. For touchups compact powder should be used.
Translucent Powders are light textured and can provide a sheer and natural finish. They are lightly tinted and best with yellow-based foundations.
The basic idea is that if you use a translucent powder over your foundation or concealer, then your makeup will be well set with out the use of much extra color.

During summer or in a warm climate, take special care to set your foundation with loose powder, as in heat it may slip away. This usually happens with any cream foundations, as it is oilier in nature.
If your skin is extra oily in nature then try Translucent Powders in Light, Medium or Dark shades. They are sheer and contain natural oil absorbents.
Complexion powders Have great degree of color and are more opaque and can be used alone. They can also be used with foundation to set, adjust or enhance. Some women may use pink foundation and try to neutralize the redness by finishing it with yellow-based powders. This is not a right practice and we will not recommend this, as this will finally turn your makeup to orange. Remember mixing of red and yellow will give orange!


Eyebrow Waxing is an easy alternative to plucking your eyebrows. Although it is advisable to get eyebrows waxed by professionals. But if you want it to do yourself, then these are few beauty tips for you to try

1) Preparing the Eyebrow

Use baby toothbrush or clean mascara wand to brush the eyebrow, so their natural shape is neatly defined. Next, apply an astringent such as witch hazel to anesthetize the sensitive skin under the brow. Workout your eyebrow by standing few feet away from a mirror, and following these simple steps…

Working out the length of the eyebrow

Hold the ruler parallel to your nose and level it with the inner corner of your eye, to work out where the brow should begin. If your eyes are close together then make gap between brows wider. If your eyes are far apart then don’t wax the start line of the brow much so that they are closer together. Mark the correct point with a dot.

Working out the curve of the eyebrow

You can work out where the highest point of the curve should be by holding a ruler from the edge of the nostril past the outer edge of the iris (colored part of the eye) and up to the eyebrow. Mark the spot with a dot.

Final planning

Link up the dots in a gentle curve to draw ideal shape of the eyebrow. This will give you a guideline for applying the wax. You should aim for a smooth arched brow that tapers slightly at the outer ends.

Acne Problems and Causes

What’s Acne?

Know what is acne through our beauty tips and how you can get rid of it with our beauty tips. Skin problems like whiteheads, blackheads and pimples are described with a common term as Acne. Generic slang terms like spots, zits etc. are also used to describe Acne. Acne vilgaris is the common form of Acne found on most teenagers. These could be found on the face, neck, shoulders and some times even on the back and chest. There are oil glands on your skin pores which are the natural lubricants for your skin and body hair. You get Acne when any of these skin pores get clogged under your skin with too much oil and bacteria.
When a skin pore gets clogged and closes and then bulges out, it results in whiteheads. Some times the skin pore gets clogged and stays open. This will cause the top to get darkened and results in a black head. A pimple is formed when you have a small infection on your skin when bacteria work on dead skin under your live skin. This infection gives your pimple a red color.

What Causes Acne?

Causes of Acne differ from person to person to some extent. But the root cause is the accumulation of oil and dead skin on a skin pore. This accumulation of dead skin and oil could be because of reasons like:

Body hormones. They are very active in human body during your teen age years.
Plugged skin. The oil glands or skin pores could be closed because of excess of skin cells, which in turn causes black heads and white heads as mentioned above.
Bacteria. Bacteria grows really fast and can mess up your oil glands pretty fast.
Family background. If your parents have Acne, there is a good chance you are going to have Acne too.

Age Spots

Age spots or Solar spots or solar lentigos are the dark spots you may find on your skin. These age spots could be up to an inch in diameter and could be the result of years of exposure to sun light. Get rid of those age spots with out beauty tips.

The usual places where you will find age spots are on your chest, your face or on the back of your hands. These parts of your body are the most vulnerable to exposure to sun light all through your life.

By avoiding exposure of your body to sun light, sunbathing and the regular use of a proper sunscreen, you will be able to avoid age spots. The sunscreen needs to be SPF 15 or higher. But these steps will not help you in any way in getting rid of your existing age spots.

You can use skin cream containing alpha-hydroxy or retinoic acid to reduce and lighten your age spots. This could be obtained with a prescription from your doctor or dermatologist. Over the counter skin creams are also available.

Make sure you put on some good sun screen before you use alpha-hydroxy or retinoic acid creams as the ingredient chemicals of these creams may affect the sensitivity of your skin to sun light.


There are times when every thing goes wrong. Even if it is only a small stuff that still may keep you down for the rest of the day or even a week. It could be one of many possible disasters. It could be a lost key. It could be a dead battery on your car. Or you may find that there was some thing sticking on your face right after you came home from an important party. It could be your angry boss shouting at you. It could be an employee messing up some important work. Any of these situations could bring a frown on to your face.
You have many choices here. You can go on a fit, try to hide in a room, have some junk food or comfort food and hurt your health even more etc. etc. None of these are going to make you feel better. But a smile will!!

Is it that hard to smile after the situation, whatever be it? How do you expect to be able to smile after some thing terrible happened to you? It does not sound normal to be smiling after some thing bad happens. People who are watching you may think that you lost your mind.

But in reality, smiling is one of the ways by which you can let go of your negative feelings like nervousness, anxiety and anger. A smile is a good exercise for your facial muscles which in turn give a glow to your face and make it much more supple and tight. When you smile, your brain produces endomorphin which has the ability to reduce your physical and mental pain. Endomorphin makes your body feel good over all.

When you are not in any mood to smile, all you have to do is look around and you will find some thing to be seen which can always bring a smile on to your face. Some of them are:-

Walking around the block. This is a good exercise and it gives you some fresh air to breathe as well. The exercise the body receives will keep you more energetic and the leisurely walk will relieve your anxiety and make you much more relaxed.

Sun and You

How do you sun tan and avoid the effects of sun tanning (UV rays) at the same time?

What are the necessities you must have in hand when you head to the beach? You need your sun glasses, your sandals, your towels, and of course you need the sun block too, even when you are in a real hurry to reach the sands and the sun!! As more than a million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year and the studies prove the relation of the disease and sun, this is very important.

As per the results obtained from studies, there is no safe way to get a tan. Tanning is the defensive response of your skin to prevent further damage after it is already damaged.

The most dangerous part effect of a natural sun tan is ultraviolet rays or UV rays. There are two kinds of UV rays namely UVA and UVB, both of which damages your skin by penetrating in and even changing your gene signature. The stronger one of these two, UVA, may cause the occurrence of skin cancer on you, if you are exposed to it for a long period of time. UVB rays are the culprits behind the redness and sun burn caused on your skin. They may cause skin cancer as well. The tanning methods available in today’s world tend to keep your skin protected from UV rays. Even then, there are questions about the safety of tanning your skin by shutting yourself in a tanning booth for half an hour.

Nice Attitude Is Your Beauty

It is a lot more interested in seeing women access real beauty, the kind that doesn’t wrinkle with age or evaporate in harsh light. Fact is, the most beautiful women in the world are the ones who know the secret and who use it before ever applying moisturizer.Have you ever noticed that, some days it’s easy to look beautiful, and other days, with the same clothes, the same makeup, the same face, it’s just plain impossible? Do you ever feel like your face changes drastically and mystically, from day to day? Why does beauty abandon us without warning some days and then spring forth others? The secret is, real, lasting beauty isn’t physical. Real beauty comes from attitude. With the right attitude, beauty is inevitable; without the attitude, all the cosmetics in the world can’t create beauty. When we buy cosmetics or clothes, we hope to buy the things that go along with them in the ads: confidence, poise, style. But those things don’t actually come in the package: they come from inside.

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