Seeking Beauty: Neck Elongation!

Almost all women seek beauty, but some of them use extreme methods with the price of their health.

Some  Southeast Asian and African women still use a dying tradition to elongate their necks.  These women are so-called “Giraffe Women”, and most of them are Padung women, who live in eastern Burma on the Thailand border.

Their society believes that the neck elongation protects them from tiger attacks, symbolizes beauty, health and wealth.  Today these women play a big role as a national attraction. About 10,000 tourists visit their camps every year, paying an entrance fee that permits them to take pictures of colorfully attired long-necked women and girls. Some people think that this tradition is still practiced because many tourists come to see these exotic women.

Parents start to put the rings on their daughters’ necks  at the age of 5. The

Padung women wear brass rings around their necks, starting to put them one by one.  The neck elongation distorts the growth of their collarbones, and makes them look as if they have long necks, but they actually don’t.  A woman usually has 20 or more rings around her neck. The more rings she has, the more beautiful she is considered to be in her society.  A woman of any society finds ways to look beautiful.


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