There are times when every thing goes wrong. Even if it is only a small stuff that still may keep you down for the rest of the day or even a week. It could be one of many possible disasters. It could be a lost key. It could be a dead battery on your car. Or you may find that there was some thing sticking on your face right after you came home from an important party. It could be your angry boss shouting at you. It could be an employee messing up some important work. Any of these situations could bring a frown on to your face.
You have many choices here. You can go on a fit, try to hide in a room, have some junk food or comfort food and hurt your health even more etc. etc. None of these are going to make you feel better. But a smile will!!

Is it that hard to smile after the situation, whatever be it? How do you expect to be able to smile after some thing terrible happened to you? It does not sound normal to be smiling after some thing bad happens. People who are watching you may think that you lost your mind.

But in reality, smiling is one of the ways by which you can let go of your negative feelings like nervousness, anxiety and anger. A smile is a good exercise for your facial muscles which in turn give a glow to your face and make it much more supple and tight. When you smile, your brain produces endomorphin which has the ability to reduce your physical and mental pain. Endomorphin makes your body feel good over all.

When you are not in any mood to smile, all you have to do is look around and you will find some thing to be seen which can always bring a smile on to your face. Some of them are:-

Walking around the block. This is a good exercise and it gives you some fresh air to breathe as well. The exercise the body receives will keep you more energetic and the leisurely walk will relieve your anxiety and make you much more relaxed.


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