Age Spots

Age spots or Solar spots or solar lentigos are the dark spots you may find on your skin. These age spots could be up to an inch in diameter and could be the result of years of exposure to sun light. Get rid of those age spots with out beauty tips.

The usual places where you will find age spots are on your chest, your face or on the back of your hands. These parts of your body are the most vulnerable to exposure to sun light all through your life.

By avoiding exposure of your body to sun light, sunbathing and the regular use of a proper sunscreen, you will be able to avoid age spots. The sunscreen needs to be SPF 15 or higher. But these steps will not help you in any way in getting rid of your existing age spots.

You can use skin cream containing alpha-hydroxy or retinoic acid to reduce and lighten your age spots. This could be obtained with a prescription from your doctor or dermatologist. Over the counter skin creams are also available.

Make sure you put on some good sun screen before you use alpha-hydroxy or retinoic acid creams as the ingredient chemicals of these creams may affect the sensitivity of your skin to sun light.


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