Acne Problems and Causes

What’s Acne?

Know what is acne through our beauty tips and how you can get rid of it with our beauty tips. Skin problems like whiteheads, blackheads and pimples are described with a common term as Acne. Generic slang terms like spots, zits etc. are also used to describe Acne. Acne vilgaris is the common form of Acne found on most teenagers. These could be found on the face, neck, shoulders and some times even on the back and chest. There are oil glands on your skin pores which are the natural lubricants for your skin and body hair. You get Acne when any of these skin pores get clogged under your skin with too much oil and bacteria.
When a skin pore gets clogged and closes and then bulges out, it results in whiteheads. Some times the skin pore gets clogged and stays open. This will cause the top to get darkened and results in a black head. A pimple is formed when you have a small infection on your skin when bacteria work on dead skin under your live skin. This infection gives your pimple a red color.

What Causes Acne?

Causes of Acne differ from person to person to some extent. But the root cause is the accumulation of oil and dead skin on a skin pore. This accumulation of dead skin and oil could be because of reasons like:

Body hormones. They are very active in human body during your teen age years.
Plugged skin. The oil glands or skin pores could be closed because of excess of skin cells, which in turn causes black heads and white heads as mentioned above.
Bacteria. Bacteria grows really fast and can mess up your oil glands pretty fast.
Family background. If your parents have Acne, there is a good chance you are going to have Acne too.


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