Face Powder: Application and Selection

Face powders are very essential thing in your make up routine. They can be obtained in compact or loose form. You have set your foundation with loose powder, which will keep your foundation in place. For touchups compact powder should be used.
Translucent Powders are light textured and can provide a sheer and natural finish. They are lightly tinted and best with yellow-based foundations.
The basic idea is that if you use a translucent powder over your foundation or concealer, then your makeup will be well set with out the use of much extra color.

During summer or in a warm climate, take special care to set your foundation with loose powder, as in heat it may slip away. This usually happens with any cream foundations, as it is oilier in nature.
If your skin is extra oily in nature then try Translucent Powders in Light, Medium or Dark shades. They are sheer and contain natural oil absorbents.
Complexion powders Have great degree of color and are more opaque and can be used alone. They can also be used with foundation to set, adjust or enhance. Some women may use pink foundation and try to neutralize the redness by finishing it with yellow-based powders. This is not a right practice and we will not recommend this, as this will finally turn your makeup to orange. Remember mixing of red and yellow will give orange!


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