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Mascara And Its Application

Mascara is an effective makeup tool after lipstick. It will give more emphasis on lashes as a result your eyes will be looking much opened. Number of color choices and many brands promising thicken, lengthen, darken, volumes and condition your lashes are available. It is available in waterproof and regular formulas.
Proper application technique is very important to apply mascara to get the required finish. Make sure that the mascara covers the lashes from the root to the tip. While you apply mascara on your upper lashes, wiggle the mascara rod back and forth at the base of the lashes to deposit color before rolling the brush through your lashes. The lashes should be coated from very base to the tip with full strokes. By this method the lashes will look much thicker with ends separated and base well defined.

Tips For The Gorgeous Skin

– Never hit the bed with your make up on. If you do so the make up will get in to your facial skin pores and may close them and eventually may mess up your skin. You need to wash your face twice at night, once to get rid of the make up and the second one to clean your face.

– Make sure you exfoliate every day. You need to do this after washing your face at night. Use a scrub that is soft on your skin. Sugar or oatmeal can be used as a scrub as well.

– Regular use or even daily use of facial masks is good for your skin. You need not buy it always. You can make one on your own using mashed fruits or vegetables like banana, avocado etc. One of the best natural mask is plain yogurt.

– Apply some skin treatment or moisturizer always on your face, either day or night. Give importance to your skin and apply some skin treatment, once you wash it at night. The treatment could be any thing like alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin A, vitamin C or some type of special cocktail treatment. Once it is set, apply a coat of moisturizer over it. Repeat the same process every morning as well.

– Never go for the costliest or cheapest cosmetic products. Products in the medium range are known to give the best results. Those products have quality ingredients and they usually deliver great results also. The only way to find the right product for you is by doing the good old “Trial and Error” method. Keep on experimenting with different brand products until you find the right product for you.

– Keep on hydrating your skin all along the day. You can create your own product by adding a few drops of rose essential oil or chamomile on to a spray bottle of distilled water. You can spray it on regularly over the day even on top of your make up, shaking it a little bit before each use. You may use a commercial product as well.

– Be gentle on your face. Pulling, tugging, scrubbing etc. on your face is not advisable. Never treat your face roughly while cleaning it, moisturizing it or applying make up on it. Thus you can reduce the possible number of wrinkles or skin damage on your face.
– While in sun, try to hide your face from sun light. Even if you have a really pretty face, it will not be smart to show it off in sun. Put on a good sun screen, put on some good sun glasses and a hat which covers the maximum of your face from sun.

– Drinking a lot of water and eating fresh food is good for your skin. Do not eat dead food; that is food which is not really fresh. Eating a lot of vegetables, nuts and drinking lot of water will increase the shine on your skin.

– Try to stay relaxed always. Even the best cared for skin will show your level of stress on your face. You have to indulge in some thing which is your passion, be it shopping or going for a walk. Outside world can read what is in your mind from your face.

Beautiful Blush

Some women tend to avoid blush as they think it will not suit them or the blush may look like over done make up on them. You can handle blush pretty well, once you learn the correct technique or beauty tip.
What is the correct way to blush?

Find the exact spot on your cheeks by smiling or sucking your cheeks in. Start the application of blush at the middle of your apple and apply it on to the corner of your eye and your temple. Blush should stay above the bottom of your nose. It should not be any closer in than the iris of your eye. Your eyes will have a sparkle in them if you apply the blush higher up on your cheeks.

Once the blush is applied, you can blend it with the help of a dry make up sponge. If there is any uneven lines of blush on your face, you can get rid of it by using the edge of the sponge as an eraser.

Do not apply blush below the level of your cheek bones. In case you do this, that would make you look older by the appearance of bringing your face down.

Change the blush as the seasons change!! During fall and winter, rich and deeper colors would be appropriate. For spring and fall, paler tones would be suitable.

Note for oily skin:

If you are oily skinned, then you may find your blush darkening as the day ages. This is caused because of the skin absorbing the color of the blush. You can avoid this from happening by applying pressed translucent powder regularly through the day.

Healthy Hair Secrets

The food you eat is responsible for giving you the hair you have; not any hair shampoos!!!
Great, healthy hair denotes a healthy body as well. So if you have one; you get the other one for free. A balanced and nutritious diet is a must for healthy hair, as is the case with a healthy body. Here is a great recipe and beauty tip to get you amazing hair!! You will not believe the results this would give you.

A quarter of the contents of your hair is water. Water in the hair gives the hair its life and hence you need to drink a lot of water. Never wait till you feel thirsty, as it means you lost more water than your body needs already. Thirstiness is the call of your body to refuel the water tank. Water causes your hair to be really shiny and silky in addition to hydrating your body. You are supposed to drink between eight and ten glasses of water each day.

One of the major units of hair is protein. A diet with a lot of protein in it is necessary for healthy hair. Protein gives real strength to your hair shaft and thus prevents possibilities like splitting or snapping and other possible damages. Fish, meat, milk, cheese, cereals etc. are protein rich food items.

Oxygen supply to the hair is improved with iron in your food. If you lack iron in your food, that will cause your hair from receiving enough oxygen and cause in the brittleness of the length of your hair above the root. Red meat and dark green vegetables are good sources of iron. You can take iron supplements if you have iron deficiency.

Hair protein is built by zinc and helps in reducing hair loss. Zinc is highly available in meat and sea food items.
Your hair color is provided by the copper involved in the food you eat. If you include a lot of copper in your diet, you can get really great natural hair color without using any artificial hair dyes or fake colors. Food items which contain copper are shellfish, liver, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat etc.

You get great scalp and skin with lots of Vitamin A in your diet. Vegetables like carrots have a lot of Vitamin A and they help you in losing weight as well.
Vitamin B and C helps in having good blood circulation, right hair color and hair growth. By consuming enough Vitamin B and C, you can make sure you will have lots of strong hair without any split ends. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk, bread etc. are good sources of Vitamin B and C.

Vitamin E is responsible for giving your hair its shine. Vitamin E can be found in food items like brown rice, nuts, wheat, leafy green vegetables etc. If you add these in to your diet, that is going to help your hair having great shine.

Inner Beauty Self-confidence

Improving your self confidence

Attitude, posture and body language play an important role when making an impact. Most men just love independent and confident women and street-smart men tend to attract women. If you’re a man or a woman with great charisma, then good for you! You can stop reading right here. 😉

No matter how confident you really are, if you look a little insecure, people will probably find you less exciting. Luckily there are ways to improve your self confidence!

With a steady look in your eyes, you can’t go wrong. A shifting gaze gives the impression of low self-confidence and people are less likely to listen to the things you say. Sadly, some of us just hate to look straight into the eyes of others. A great trick I learned in yoga class is that you get a much steadier look if you focus on the area between the eyes of the person you’re talking to. Don’t worry, he or she will not notice, because it will look exactly as if you did look them in the eyes. This way you both avoid a shifting gaze and you don’t have to look directly into people’s eyes if you don’t like to.

Good posture is important because it makes you look confident, proud and healthy. It also helps showing your breasts from their best side. 😉
In order to get correct posture, you need to be relaxed in your body and mind. Ever tried yoga? I warmly recommend it.

Study the body language of celebrities
See it as a great way to learn from the pros!
Read more about becoming a copy cat in the Make-up section.

Tips To Look Younger

People of all times have wished for a fountain of youth. I say stop wishing and start doing something! There are some secrets that will instantly make you look younger that are free and don’t involve any pain whatsoever. No, these tips will make you feel good while following them on top of everything.

How to work with the eyes to look younger
Check out the paragraph about cat eyes vs puppy eyes in the eye make-up tip section. The older you get the more likely your eyes are to grow downwards so try striving for cat eyes to look younger.

Do you suffer from dark circles under the eyes? Try foundation or concealer and use a anti-wrinkle cream for your wrinkles. Getting rid of eye make-up and using a good night cream before you go to bed after having worn a lot of make-up.

Gain weight
Thin people can look years younger by simply gaining a few pounds. This is because the skin will become less elastic as we get older and that’s why gaining some weight can “fill you out” so to speak. You will probably lose a few wrinkles too.

Get enough sleep
Ever heard of beauty sleep? This term will make more and more sense the older we get. Young people often look the same regardless if they’re tired or not but as you get older a few more hours of sleep or even a quick powernap can make wonders for your face!

Hair styles that will make you look younger

The older we get the more oblong our faces will become. Therefore a curly hair style or a hair style with volume can give you a rounder and younger looking face. I would recommend large curls rather than poodle style curls.

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