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  1. The Price Of Beauty
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 20:13:01

    Exercise 1.
    Blogs are created by people, who are willing to share their ideas about something and give their opinion on a particular subject. The idea of the blog is to post commentaries, videos, pictures, opinions about a selected topic to make it interesting for the reader. There are various kinds of blogs, some of them include just comments, while others have graphic posts. The more readers read your blog, the more it is interesting for people. It is very important that people leave their comments and share their ideas and opinions about the topic.
    I looked through various blogs and most of them are very interesting to read, which is very important. The one I found was about beauty. The blog has very useful information about beauty, a lot of ads. Almost all the blogs are regularly updated with a small interval, keeping the reader constantly informed. I noticed various blogs: organizational, by subject, personal, corporate. However, I enjoy reading blogs by subject because it is easier to find a topic you are interested in it is a good chance to share your opinion with others about a topic.


  2. The Price Of Beauty
    Feb 13, 2011 @ 11:13:22

    Exercise 2.
    I enjoy reading National Geographic. It is an amazing website because it is very well organized and well structured. The website contains categories and sub-categories, which allows the reader to follow the topics easily. I love National Geographic pictures, because they are so unique, colorful and express the idea of a picture.
    The National Geographic contains of 4 sections.
    The first section is the National Geographic Home, which contains these categories: Photography, Animals, Environment, Travel, Adventure, Natgeotv, Kids, Video, Shop.
    The second section consists of features and news: Daily News, The Magazine, Maps, Science, Education, Games, Music, Blogs, Movies, In the Field, Mobile, Newsletters.
    The third section consist of the Quizzes, Editor’s Pick (pictures), Picture of the Day, Video of the Day, Find us on Facebook.
    The fourth section consists of the magazines itself, where you could find National Geographic magazines for adults and kids.
    It is easy to find anything on the website because it is well structured. The heads are clear and short. The National Geographic is broken to sections and categories to make the search easier for the reader. I chose the section Travel, and it gives me suggestions on travelling, provides the pictures as well. The Travel section offers its range of subsections: Romantic Destinations, Road Trips for Couples, Top Travel Features, Travel Blog, etc. The sells are precise and catchy, so the audience is attracted to the information and pictures. A structural diagram of the National Geographic look like this. If I choose Photography section /Photo of the Day/ Galleries/ Wallpapers/ Photo Tips/ Photographers/ Buy Prints/ Videos/ Newsletters. Next, I want to choose Wallpapers and I see subcategories: Featured Wallpapers, Related, etc. It is interesting and easy to work with the National Geographic website because it is well structured, catchy and colorful.


  3. The Price Of Beauty
    Feb 19, 2011 @ 10:25:12

    Exercise 3
    During the week I was listening to the BBC Newshour. It is gives an important information and covers the recent news. For example, news about the Libya turmoil is currently posted on the BBC Newshour. The format is mp3, which is easy to download. It is very convenient for the listeners because they can listen to the news at any time of the day. The news are very well done, however some of the reporters need more improvement on how to depict the picture of the news. The conversation between the anchor and the reporter was via the telephone. It was noticeable that the anchor is very persistent in asking many questions, and sometimes the reporter could not reply fully. The anchor repeated the same question, wanting to know if the reporter really meant this. The reporters were descriptive of the news and the places, which gave a better outlook for the listeners to imagine the situation there.
    I learned several things from listening to podcasts. The most important thing is to know how to correctly emphasize the most crucial words of the news. With the right intonation you could show the listeners what is most important thing of the news. The listeners better comprehend the information when everything is clearly explained with a good intonation, tone of voice and a correct emphasis on the important words and sentences.


  4. The Price Of Beauty
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 14:38:40

    Exercise 4
    I watched the news online and compared Guardian with MSNBC broadcast website. MSNBC is more concentrated on videos, so that’s why they have a better technique in film shooting and making stories. Guardian is more popular for writing stories and puts an effort on writing the idea of the story, where MSNBC is more effective in videos. I am sure that MSNBC uses more hi-tech equipment, so that’s their videos are of a high quality. Concerning the sound of MSNBC and Guardian, the sound of MSNBC is clearer than the sound in Guardian. Videos on Guardian show only the emotions of the whole story that could not be depicted in a written story. It is crucial to have videos, especially nowadays, when more people prefer watching a video than reading a story.


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